Advanced film class

Pitch for advance film class.


An obese young girl is having a crazy obsession about celebrities and fame. She spends most of her time looking at magazines and searching sites about these celebrities and then starting to dress up like those celebrities she sees in the magazines, trying to fit herself into something that doesn’t really fit her in order to impress a boy right next door who she’s been stalking.


A nerd, loner girl goes to lunch alone every day. She isn’t talkative and she doesn’t like to be with a lot of people. She doesn’t like to sit with other people. She chooses to sit alone. And she is a girl who can’t eat anything that has a color red in it. So if on her unlucky days, she sometime gets some food that has red things in it so she will slowly pick it out piece by piece. One day a teenage boy come sit next to her, she isn’t happy with it and about to leave the table but then she notices that this boy has a same habit as her of picking out food only that this boy have to pick only the yellow thing out of the food. Then she decides not to leave and finishes lunch with him.


A boy goes into a studio to gets his photo taken. He is crying because his suits that he is wearing are too tight and the lights in the studio is too bright and it’s very early in the morning and he didn’t have breakfast. An old photographer tries to find every possible ways to get a picture of a boy with a smile on his face.


Two people run into each other in the park at night where they both went there looking for sex. They seem perfectly good looking people , so we wonder why such that people need to randomly looking for sex like this. Then they walk back to the car together and as they take their clothes off we see their true self as a transsexual male and a dwarf.

Meet me at the railroad.

A woman comes back to this railroad everyday waiting for a guy who left her five years ago. One day she got asked out from a guy so she didn’t come to the railroad. And that’s the day the guy comes back.


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