Advanced film class

1st Location, Banana State Hotel.

Inside the room 2019, Star Wars at the hotel. This is the room that MArk comes to meet Collie.

1. the bed, looking out from the bathroom. 2. The bed from the other side, the opposite of the bed in the pic is the bathroom. 3. Viewing From the chair in front of the bed.

Couples of pics showing the decorations and lighting of the room.

These are some of the pics of the bathroom.

1. A little hallway from bed to the bathroom. 2,3. bathtub and decorations in the bathroom. 4. The sink in the hallway that linked the bathroom and the bed area together.


In front of the hotel.

These are for the scenes when Mark and Collie enter and leave the hotel.

Note: if possible Mark’s car should park directly at the front of the hotel so we can see the sign of the hotel when he gets out of the car.

Exterior of the hotel.

This location is for the scene when Mark comes to meet with Collie.

Will be shooting on Tuesday 16th of February.

55/1 m. 6 Kanjanapisake Rd. Bangkuveang Bangkrouy  Nonthaburi 11130
Tel.02-459-2121-4 Fax.02-459-2126


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