Le Fils 2002

It doesn’t look like something you’ve seen before but it’s not very attention grabbing either. The film was shot in hand held following the main actor around every single step. We are so close to him that it’s a bit uncomfortable. We don’t talk or do things with each other that close unless we’re very close to that person but that also don’t happen very often. By this technique it makes the most viewers walk out in the first five minutes of the movie but for the thinker type of viewer, it’s refreshing to see something different, something that gives us an opportunity to be in the main character, Olivier’s world. Every move he made and every expression on his face give us information about him. He doesn’t smile that often. We see him mostly from his back looking out to the world in front of him. Isn’t it interesting if you can get inside someone’s head and see the world through that person’s eyes? This is good thing about this technique. We’re inside his head. We see all past and regrets he has to carry with him on his back. I would describe him as an uptight person who keeps everything inside of him. It feels like all these feelings he has inside is about to explode any second. He even does push up when his feeling is boiling up inside of him but he ha no other way to let it out. And he has this thing to support his back, preventing him from getting hurt. He would wear it really tight and adjust it a lot just like he need something to hold himself together, to be able to walk forward. And the fact that he’s a carpenter says a lot about him. That he’s good at measurement, balancing things and building things. He used to have a son and used to be a husband but now everything is gone after his son died so the only identity he has left is being a carpenter. So he sure is very good at it. He doesn’t even have to use ruler to measure, he can tell it by just looking at it. For example in the scene with Francis the boy who killed his son, they stand near each other and the boy asked him how far is the distant between himself and Olivier and Olivier can tell him exactly how many inch they stand far from each other. It also be interpreted as that Olivier always know what’s his position between their relationship. He knew it all along and he should keep distant from Francis. But it’s obvious that Francis has effect on Olivier. His world changed after Francis appears. His life stays the same since his son died, he can’t move on with his life, his past is holding him back. Unlike his ex wife who moved on already. May be he just need to meet with Francis himself and may be to forgive and forget in order to move on. Is that why he’s working at this school for troubled kids? May be he wants to meet the killer of his child. And when he meet the boy, he has to face with the decision whether to kill the boy as a revenge or to let him live, to let the boy to rebuild his own life just like Olivier’s profession which is to build something not ruining it.


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