Terminator 1984

It starts with the picture of a ruined future LA in the year 2029. Nothing looks green anymore, life hardly exists there. It’s the idea of machine versus human. At the time the deadly machine is getting out of control, human are no longer in charge. There’s a way of traveling back in to time and that’s what they do. They came back to the past to kill of the person who started it all, Sarah Corner. But not so easy, the cyborg is not going to kill her so easily. The cyborg (Arnold) has to fight with a human, also from future who comes to rescue Sarah from this danger. This brings us to the LA in the present time where everything looks dirty; the society is going down the trash. There’s a scene where three gangsters is trying to mess with the cyborg and of course the cyborg killed them without trying so hard. And then there comes a hero, Reese who also traveled from the future. He appears to the present with lightening strikes and with no clothes. They’re both finding Sarah Corner. In the weapon shop scene where the cyborg is getting a weapon, it shows us that he’s very good at killing, he knows everything about the weapons and it sure isn’t going to be easy for someone to destroy him. Although he’s good at this stuff but the way he’s looking for Sarah Corner is a bit stupid for a robot, he just look at the yellow book and kills off everyone with a name Sarah Corner because the robot doesn’t really know which one is her. In the club where the robot finally meets the real Sarah and he’s about to kill her, Reese gets in there just in time to safe her which is very typical of him and then there’s this long scene of gunshots and running and driving and chasing. Then there’s always a stupid police who think they know everything and so caught up in their own world not to listen to Reese which he tries so many times to warn them about the robot and the future but of course they refuse to listen to him and think he’s crazy. So he’s the individual fighting with the whole even Sarah at first doesn’t believe him. Eventually she listens to him and starts to run away. Then the two have sex and then reveals that actually he’s the father of John Corner. They tried to kill the robot many times but it is so strong that it couldn’t be killed. Although its flesh starts to come off piece by piece, toward the end it doesn’t have any flesh at all, it doesn’t look like human, but just pieces of metal. Then finally it got killed by another machine in the big factory, crushing it down into pieces after so many bombs, gunshots and crashing. People are so fascinated about the future. We always curious about what it would be like in the future. Also we feel threatened by the computers. We want it to be our servant, keep it at a certain level and not made them as clever as human. Because they have this fear of the computers replacing themselves and one day human will no longer be needed.


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