Chinatown 1974

Chinatown is a film made by the infamous director Roman Polanski. It’s a film Noir but not like the Noirs of the 50’s though. Because this Noir doesn’t focus on a heroic, professional, good police or chief instead the main character, Jack Gittes is a flawed, not so good at what he does type of hero. He works as an adultery detective. The movie starts in his office with client sitting looking at the pictures of his cheating wife. And it introduced us to this character of what kind of person is he. Then the next scene is of him with his new client Mrs. Mulwray asking Jake if he would find out if her husband is cheating or not but actually that woman is not the real Mrs. Mulwray, it’s just someone trying to discredit Mrs. Mulwray’s husband. But of course Jake didn’t know so he agreed to so it. He went out to find clues, climbing up the roof to take picture of Mr. Mulwray and also fell down. But still he got the picture and them the news spread and that brings the real Mrs. Mulwray into the picture. Mrs. Mulwray came into Jake’s office telling him that it’s not her to hired him to do this and she’s very mad that she will go to court. After that Jake is probably feeling guilty and feels the need to go to Mrs. Mulwray’s house to find out that her husband is dead. Because of this we go into another new whole world of corruption and incest. Jake went out trying to find out who killed Mrs. Mulwray’s husband and he didn’t do this with much grace, he got his nose cut off, people always given him leads, he didn’t really know what to look for example he didn’t have any clue until he ran into the gardener and the Asian gardener said ‘salt, bad for grass’ it was then that he knew Mr. Mulwray was killed at the house. So now he thinks that what Mrs. Mulwray has been telling him is all lies, so he went to find her and slap her several times (not that many heroes that will slap a girl) Then it’s finally revealed that her sister is actually her daughter of herself and her father. And her father Noah Cross (the name in biblical sense) is a very rich and powerful man who can do anything. This suggests that LA was a land based on corruptions that people who have money is like god, they can do anything they want. At the end Mrs. Mulwray was shot into her face. The director kind of given us clues from the beginning that she will be shot in the face, in the scene where Jake notices that she has a flaw in her eye that is the same side she was shot into. Another visual clue is on Jake’s face where he has this big cut right on his face, may be to suggest that he’s a flawed person and everyone can see it but later on in the movie the wound started to healed as the crimes started to be solved, the director used this as a metaphor of the state of where Jake is in the story. The character Mrs. Mulwray at first looks very femme fatale type, dangerous woman who often kill people off at the end but not her she seems strong at first but she’s actually the victim after all this and that she doesn’t have a happy ending. The name Chinatown is used because anything can happen in Chinatown and that in Chinatown is very messy and dirty just like the world outside. The big theme from the movie is that people have flaws and that even though some horrible things happen to people, they got to be able to move on and just accept the fact that the world we live in is not that beautiful and nice after all.


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