Fargo 1996

A story sets in Minnesota where the whole town covers in snow. It’s a story of a loser car salesman; Jerry Lundegaard who has doesn’t have money so he hired two criminals to kidnap his own life in hope of getting money from his father in law who thinks of him as a loser. But then his plan got out of hands when the two criminals Carl Showalter (talkative quirky annoying person) and Gaear Grimsrud who doesn’t speak much killed of the police and there’re two people seeing them killing the cops so they killed those two too.

The cinematography of the film is like any ordinary movies, more real and not so elaborated. I guess it’s because this is adapted from a real story so they might want to keep it simple in documentary style. There’re some very beautiful establishing shots of the town, like in the parking lot where everything is white with cars parking nicely next to each other.

Jerry, the car salesman is the kind of person you could be really annoyed by. He never takes action, he doesn’t know how even though he wants to be success. So with his little brain, he decides to get money the easy way. But when things got out of hands he tends to run away rather than facing it. But for the movie it’s funny to watch a character like this, to watch them nervously trying to come up with plans and lies and later end up dying or getting caught. If he is a criminal himself he would get caught in the first five minutes of the movie.

Then there’s Frances McDormand playing Marge Gunderson a pregnant chief of police who can’t even start a car in the morning and have her husband cooks breakfast for her but actually she’s good at what she does, when she went to the crime scene, she can figured everything out as it happened. I think she brings a lot of comedy to the film not by dressing as crowd but being funny as a real person.

The movie have a lot of funny moments, watching Jerry’s freaking out is one but also the accent of Marge is another and also a scene where Marge goes into the city and met up with her high school friend who is still in love with her and then found out later that he’s a real psycho.

They put two such different criminals together, one talks all the time and another one doesn’t talk at all, which is kind of funny and then we get to watch the not talking so much one kills off the other talkative one.

But before the talkative one (Carl) died, he killed of the father’s in law and ran off with the money and hides it under snow somewhere. So no one ends up getting the money at the end. Like Marge said at the end that they did all this for the money, killed like six people and no one ends up knowing where the money is which is so true why putting in all the effort and getting nothing back.


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