fashion futures

Digital Fashion


(An examine of the ways in which digitisation has created a whole new language in the world of fashion related media)

DIGITAL FASHION – using computer – computer fashion

Aspects of fashion that change with computer.

Computer – revolutionised everything

Fashion design no need for flat drawing. Translate in 3D graphics on computer.

-CLO 3D (designing program)

-Optitex (software) clothes stimulation program

-Maya for film

Visualisation program

Rapid prototype – 3D printing (accessories, jewelries) Design in computer and print.

Real time environment – games (used to be a cutting edge thing) avatars, characters you control it. The Simcity – change/choose clothes for characters.

Social Media – interaction with others

American Apparel – put there clothes on avatars and characters. not successfully.

Valentino (tradition) takes all the clothes of the collection and put them in 3D space so you can go online to see it.



Touch Screen – interact with devices in interesting ways.

Participating more with the world.

Digital IQ – the brands with higher digital IQ – more successful

VIRTUSIZE (plug in app)

FITS.ME (visual fitting room for your brand/website

Prosumer – producer + consumer (multi/cross disciplinary)

Clay Shirky – writer of ‘Here comes everybody’ 2008 (social media)

Holographic fashion show – Stefan Eckert

Conspicuous consumtion

– wear your money.

– designers combine technology to show that they have power to innovate.


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