fashion futures

Research methods

Research – towards solution of the problem and innovation.

– identifying problems.

– thought of something new and want to explore its application.

– clear purpose of what you are trying to do.

– narrow focus.

– detailed process.

– all the methods – keep high ethical standard.

– design your limitation.

– where you’re starting, where it ends.

– based your conclusion – concrete – can be proved right.

– what you’re trying to prove is valid.

– how the research helps you professionally.

– create a name in particular field in fashion media.


Applied research

– find solution in particular problem.

– what can you improve in fashion media.

Fundamental research – sake of knowledge.

– philosophy.

– abstract.

How you find your evidence?

How you find out if your idea is good?

– questionare?

Quantitative – data, number.

Qualitative – someone’s thought, opinion ( likely to have both types of research )

Action research – the process based on scientific method. ( test it – make sure that it works )


1. What are you saying ( your message ) eg. new way to make film.

– your way of doing film.

– an area that could take more development.

– developing, redirecting the field.

– tapping on something new.

2. Review of literature.

– find out what has been written about this before. Include them in your research.

3. Developing hypothesis.

– assumption about something/ no prove.

4. Designing the tool to prove hypothesis. (which resources you have?)

– magazines, news, book, people.

5. Collecting the data.

– Largest part of research.

6. Execution of the project.

– prove if your assumption right or wrong.

– qualify it.

– build whatever your topic on your data.

– produce something, prove your concept practically or theoretically.

7. Analysing of data.

8. Hypothesis testing.

9. Discussion.

– I carried out my research this way and it helps me this way. What are limitations? The rest you cannot do, mention it.

Refine your idea – refine exactly what are you going to find out.

– Statement of the problems in a general way.

– Offer an insight on something new.

Two ways of stating a research question.

– posting questions.

– Making declarative statement.

After you’ve decided what you’re doing;

– breakdown all the objectives.

– what is your research trying to resolve?

– which point of view?

One big question for the research topic.

– answer with smaller questions

– to look at all fashion apps.

– to create an app.

– to test my findings

– to determine, discover, etc.

Literature review

account of published (or unpublished) work in the area of the research.

– what’s available for you?

– what’s been done before?

– what’s  out there?

– what can you develop further?


– tentative guess of solution to your problem.

– assumption – can it be proved?

Julia Gaimster – Theorist. Visual research methods in fashion.


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