fashion media laboratory



Producer: Marta Strinati

Director: Poon Sap





2 LS steady girl in cocoon 
4 CU tilt right to left, flower falling down
5 MS pan cocoon right to left
5A CU pan cocoon left to right
7 MS tilt top to bottom
7A CU steady hand coming out from the cocoon
8 CU hand held hand starts to move
8A Extreme CU zoom out of focus, hand continues to move
9 MS pan right – left, left – right
12 MS tilt following the moving foot (down)
13 WS steady girl lies on the floor, crawling out of cocoon
15 CU steady the legs area, legs moving
16 MS steady girl moves up from the shot into the frame
17 Extreme CU steady mouth with flower/leaf 
18 CU steady hand moves down into the frame, picks up flower
19 MS pan left – right, right – left (girl starts to move more)  
20 WS steady girl with knees to her head, transforming
22 MS pan camera follows the girl left to right, walking
23 CU steady girl head slowly moves up into the frame
26 WS pan left – right, girl sits in the corner
29 MS steady girl transformed
3 Close up steady flowers
6 MS steady time lapse photography (flowers blooming)
6A MS steady time lapse photography
14 MS Tilt flowers with stem
21 Close up pan  left to right then right to left (flowers)
10 Extreme CU steady texture of butterfly/moth (Kew garden) 
24 WS steady garden
25 MS steady flower and butterfly/moth
28 CU zoom out of focus to in the focus
27 WS steady sky shot
1 CU pan  left to right : candle
11 Extreme CU steady candle
11A Extreme CU steady blows out candles with smoke (1000fps)